Bio and Pics

Hi! I’m Karen.

I’ve been an artist since I could hold crayons. Or maybe before, but I don’t remember that. I grew up drawing pictures of dinosaurs, equines with and without horns and/or wings, wizards, mermaids, and dragons that looked rather like dinosaurs. I was always the “art kid” at school, which is a great way to get out of classes to go do more interesting stuff.

Since reaching apparent adulthood, I’ve crisscrossed the North American continent strewing the work of my hands behind me like flower petals, for money and for love, selling pictures of dragons, wizards, elves, unicorns, mermaids, and aliens.

I now live on the shores of a beautiful island in the Salish Sea, in a city called Victoria, famous for its gardens and its creative community, where I have a studio at home. I write and draw comics and graphic novels, illustrate books and book covers, and make drawings and watercolours, as well as the occasional paper mache or polymer clay sculpture, collage, or acrylic painting.

To see samples of my comics and illustration work, go to the links in the top menu on the blog; for some of the other media mentioned, those blue buttons in the sidebar will get you examples, as well as tutorials and demonstration developed from teaching my art classes. I hope some of them inspire you!

Karen in studio.jpg

A corner of my VERY FULL studio!

Me, proudly (or maybe smugly) showing off my proof copy of Spam and the Sasquatch at the artists' alley table at A-Kon in Dallas.

Proudly (or maybe smugly) showing off my proof copy of Spam and the Sasquatch at the artists’ alley table at A-Kon in Dallas in 2013.

I like to de-stress out in the garden (artists have to remember to move sometimes!).

Help! I've being held prisoner by a giant zucchini plant!

Self-Portrait with Zuke plant

I also play banjo, flute, and a bunch of other things, sing and write songs, but not usually while making art. I’m in two bands: The RabbleBerries and Rig-A-Jig.

Fear not — 'tis only a four-string parlour banjo!

Fear not — ’tis only a four-string parlour banjo!

20 responses to “Bio and Pics

    • I take it you’ve been here on your travels? Yes, I like it quite a lot, and do feel very lucky. Sleep — I have epic dreams, so I’m not sure I’m actually taking time out!


    • Hi Jacob, thanks for finding and following me, and for taking the time to comment! I just had a look over at your blog — your writing is fun and engaging, and I’ll certainly follow you back and look forward to reading your posts.


  1. Karen, I remember harvest gold and avocado appliances! (Who could forget after living with them, eh?) Your creativity is amazing! I have often dreamt of having the ability to do what seemingly comes easily to you, but then I wake up. I suppose, in the end, painting with words and fabric are good ways to create. These keep me occupied. Thanks for visiting me!


    • Hi Lynda, thanks for stopping by. Heehee, yes — those colours are branded on the minds of a whole generation!

      Thanks — As you say, there are lots of ways to be creative, and you seem to be doing plenty of creating! Love the flash fiction — and sewing is something I wish I had more time to do these days. I guess what comes easily to us is what we practice all the time — and the great thing about blogging is I don’t have to show the outtakes!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Karen, I’m sorry, but I just found this comment this morning. I detest this new comments reader. I can’t keep track of anything anymore. 😦

        Sometimes, there is real truth in the old adages. Practice makes perfect. Yes?


        • No worries! I see from your blog you had quite the tummy bug — I doubt you had time to think about blog comments, glad you are feeling better now! I’ve been so busy that the time is a blur anyway. I get the notifications for comments in the e-mail so I don’t depend on the reader, and hadn’t even noticed the change!

          Yup, that is my mantra, and what I tell all my students — practice, practice, practice!

          Liked by 1 person

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