Spam and the Sasquatch

Spam and the Sasquatch is a graphic novel which I adapted and illustrated from a story written specially for that purpose by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. It is part of her Spam, the Cat series; the rest of the stories are regular novels. Spam is no ordinary cat; in fact, he is a purranormal detective, solving mysteries involving some very unusual creatures, which have included Zombies, Vampires, and now a Sasquatch!

Here is a teaser of the first part of the book; you can email me if you would like to purchase copies. If you’d like to see the covers I did for the novels, they’re on my Book Covers page.

If you are interested in my process  in creating this graphic novel, Spam and the Sasquatch has many in-progress entries in my categories cloud in the right sidebar of the main page.


Spam 1 Spam2 Spam3 Spam4 Spam5 Spam6 Spam7 Spam8 Spam9 Spam10 Spam11 Spam12 Spam13 Spam14 Spam15 Spam16 Spam17

What’s that noise? Will Spam fulfill the eagle’s commission? Will Renfrew acquire a cellphone? Will you buy a copy of your very own? All mysteries to be solved!

The base price of the first edition of this book (68 pages, paperback) is $20 Canadian, plus whatever it costs to ship it to wherever you are. If you’d like one, go to the “drop me a line” button in the menu above and, er… drop me a line!

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