Pen and Ink

My first illustrations many years ago were pen and ink; I love the control this medium gives, and the limitations it places on me, stimulating greater ingenuity. Here are a selection of several different projects.

From High Tide, Low Tide by Gloria Snively, a colouring, story, and activity book.

I loved doing this over-under picture showing some of the offshore sea life. And I love drawing rocks.

Two of my favourite sea critters to draw — the Giant Pacific Octopus and Plumose Sea Anemones, which look like circular, white, feather boas.

Always be careful where you step — it's somebody's home!

From a self-published series of Celtic and fantasy prints:

Celtic Dragon (pen & ink, embellished version)

Celtic Dragon

Celtic Green Man (pen & ink)

Celtic Green Man

Celtic Seahorses (pen and ink)

Celtic Seahorses

From Tam Lin, a short story in comics form based on a traditional ballad:

Janet's Castle

Janet’s Castle

Tam Lin and Janet

Tam Lin and Janet

Janet Hides from the Fairy Procession

Janet Hides from the Fairy Procession

Interior pages from Father Christmas by Elizabeth Anne Scarborough
All of the major characters in the book were depicted as Christmas ornaments.

Mama Cat

Mama Cat

The Owl

The Owl

Renfrew the Raccoon

Renfrew the Raccoon

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