Jurassic Lark

I’ve loved dinosaurs since I was a kid, so when Kraken Komiks, my local comics meet-up-and-jam group, decided to put together an anthology called “Primordial”, I was tickled pink. I decided to flex my digital muscles a bit; this is my first all-digital comic (except for initial pencil sketches)!

Here’s my bio for the story:

“Karen Gillmore wrote and illustrated her first dinosaur book in grade 3, the single copy of which was promptly confiscated by her teacher. After cooling her heels outside the principal’s office in a state of abject terror for eleventy-leven hours, the young perp was ushered inside, where it was revealed that the offending book would be honoured by being placed in the school archives. And thus was imparted to her the sacred, arcane knowledge vital to all artists: always ask for payment before handing over the goods. This experience, thankfully, did not put her off drawing dinosaurs.”

And now, without further ado, “Jurassic Lark”:

Jurassic Lark 1FsmJurassic Lark 2FsmJurassic Lark 3FsmJurassic Lark 4FsmJurassic Lark 5FsmJurassic Lark 6FsmJurassic Lark 7Fsm