16 responses to “Celtic seahorses inocut

      • Haha most probably not. Actually, no. Even the thought of a tattoo gives me goosebumps. But I would probably draw it on my thigh or arm with a marker haha. Or paint this in my room (I paint too 🙂 but abstract art mostly. I am trying to follow Pollock with the drip method as of now)


        • I’m with you on that. Hey, you could make a stencil of it and then you could put it on you whenever you wanted with body paint! Maybe I should go into the temporary tattoo business! 😀

          Drip method! Are you standing on a ladder? Have you tried paint pouring where you tilt the canvas?


  1. Yup. I have a stool and my canvas is at 60 degrees tilt. The only problem with this is the drip that causes the colour to accumulate at the bottom of the canvas, but I actually like the effect produced by this gradient. I should try it with more viscous paint perhaps and a rougher canvas that I would probably have to make on my own! I have tried 20 degrees but I didn’t really like it. 30 and 45 are scheduled for the coming weekend haha.

    Hahaha yeah lots of people appreciate temporary tattoos as they don’t hurt and actually save any future embarrassment. Where I come from, they are seen as taboo and speak volumes to a potential employer or a new acquaintance. So it’s best to get temporary ones in discreet places.


    • That sounds like great fun! If you want more texture, but don’t want to stretch your own, you could add a texturizing agent like sand to your ground. Now I want to try it! Have you posted any of these on your blog? I don’t remember seeing any.

      Tattoos are getting so common here, people are starting to accept them pretty much everywhere except in the most conservative circles. However, some professions, like food service, want them kept covered by clothing, so nothing below sleeve length, etc.


      • I was actually thinking along the lines of sawdust myself haha thank you for the suggestion 🙂

        Nope, I haven’t posted anything on my blog yet because I am not really satisfied with the results I have obtained so far. I used to work in abstract art back home but ever since I moved out for university, I haven’t really indulged into my artistic side. Once I get results that are satisfactory to me, I will put them on. Also, my blog is new 🙂 it’s been on since January. And my blog is some sort of nerdy mess haha. Still have to work on getting my thoughts in order for further posts.

        Ah yes same here. However here it still has negative connotations. So even if I become numb to pain (or walk through a gothic route), I am probably going to reject the idea.


        • Sawdust would be interesting! I’ve used sand and tiny glass beads before.

          Going to school does seem to take up a lot of time — just did that myself last year. But you are still managing to put together an entertaining, eclectic blog, which I am enjoying reading. You’ll get back to painting eventually, in its own time!


  2. Tiny glass beads would definitely provide interesting texture.
    Yeah. It is really tedious to handle school life and personal interests, especially considering the fact that I have too many interests. Hahaha thank you! Things are still messy but I guess that’s how I like it 🙂 I do come across as a psychopath in some posts 🙂 so pardon me. Although whether or not I am a psychopath should remain a mystery…


    • Having too many interests is the hallmark of a creative person, even though it does sometimes get in our way as far as time goes. All of that is feeding into your creativity, so feast on it!

      As to that last — a little hard to tell over the internet! Actually, I have no idea why anyone would think such a thing; you put together a fascinating mixture of articles on your blog. which paints a very positive picture of you!


      • Time has always been of the essence haha. Given more ‘free’ time, I would definitely be able to revamp my creativity.
        Hahahaha! Thank you. No one has ever told me that. It is normally on the Freud side of things with my folks. A positive picture is, however, a good thing no? 🙂


        • There is never enough free time; never enough time to do all the things a creative person could want to do. But I’ve come to the point in my life where I have determined to focus, and thus the drawing-a-day thing. I’ve always been more productive when I have a deadline, and the one I’ve set myself, every day, has been an incredible boost to my creativity and productivity. I didn’t think I’d have time, but somehow I’m squeezing out just enough…


  3. On the one hand, yes deadlines do tend to provide motivation. But on the other hand, I don’t really want to ‘restrict’ myself with deadlines in some sense. My field of study and work is lightyears away from my ‘creative’ instinct as of now. I do steal some time from my studies for my interests but then again, probably after I am done with this mad-rush, I can sit back with a cup of Earl Grey and put my creative juices to good use.


    • That’s understandable! Since my work and my creative life are one, I need to pay particular attention to keeping the creative juices flowing. So I’ve developed motivational tricks to keep me going when my energy flags. I’m not really all that disciplined naturally, so my “inner boss” has to take over and make sure that the muses are on top of things!


      • Haha! You are fortunate. But let me be honest. I love what I do. I work in the pure sciences and it’s my first love. I do tend to stray away more often than most. So it is not like I want to stop being a cosmologist and venture into the arts. Yet, I would like to do them all. There is only so much coffee a girl can drink 😉


  4. And you are fortunate too! Science is an exciting field to be in — and your field especially, with the constant advances in technology that enable ever-more accurate and detailed gathering of data. What are you specializing in?

    When I was younger (and tired of being a “starving” artist) I went back to school with a declared major of environmental science, but got derailed by life circumstances, and of all things, ended up falling back on being an artist! I’m not sorry I did, but sometimes I wonder what that other life would have been like.


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