6 responses to “Celtic Dragon outlineBWsm

  1. Class 🙂 Something perfect to burn in wooden box wit bottle of pure putchin 🙂 Celtic spirit + Irish spirit 😉


  2. Karen I sent a email to you a few weeks ago, looking for permission to burn your Celtic Dragon, whilst waiting for your reply, I attempted it, took longer than I thought and a few alteration, but looks good…


    • Hi Sheamus — sorry I didn’t get back to you; I’ve been having trouble keeping up with everything this month — I’ve been trying to stay off the computer as much as possible for the sake of my eyes, so I’m afraid my e-mail queue is a little scary right now. I looked up your e-mail, and I’ll reply to that too with permission details. If you’re pleased with it, go ahead and post a link here, so people can see it! (not surprised it took a long time; it took ME a long time, 70 hours as I recall)


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