2 responses to “Wolf & Stones BW

  1. I think it to be Awesome, There are some people that are just given a wonderful talent and you got my share also. I woulld like to see if I can convert this one into a scrollsaw pattern if that’s alright with you


    • Hello Arthur, I’m glad you like my design. If you would like to turn it into a scrollsaw pattern for personal use only (not for sale), that would be fine. I’d be pleased to see what you come up with, so drop me a line with a photo!

      And now, my obligatory rant on talent *ahem*:
      I don’t believe in talent — if it exists, it’s more like some people are drawn to certain things, and then they do them until they get good at them. And there isn’t a limited pool of it to go around, either! The people you see whose work you admire took a long time to get there, and you can too. I know this from personal experience; I can remember being awestruck by certain works, not knowing how the artists came up with them or accomplished the necessary techniques. But I just kept looking and working at it until (seemingly miraculously, but as a result of time spent) I was producing work on a par with the ones that had mystified my former self. I’m still trying; there are always new levels to reach. So just keep working at it — if you desire the skill, it’s there for the taking — with practice, practice, practice!


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