A Typical Morning at our House

This is the first comic I made, in the evening class that led me to commit to a whole year’s full time study. I made thumbnail drawings, and corrected thumbnail drawings, and yet more corrected thumbnail drawings, until I could have drawn it in my sleep (and if dreaming counts, I did!). I really wanted to capture the elegant lines of my cat, Mak, and something of the perspective of his charmingly cupboard-centred affection.

I challenged myself to tell a story without words, just to see if I could do it. This was the first time I had done ink wash, and found it difficult at first, as I was used to watercolours, and watercolour paper rather than the bristol comic boards, but by the time I was done, I loved it! I still love the way this turned out, and will eventually return to making more stories about Mak — it’s very handy to have such a good model close at hand!

And yes, this really is how I wake up many mornings.

Mak page 1 sm Mak page 2 sm Mak page 3 sm Mak page 4 sm

12 responses to “A Typical Morning at our House

  1. I think you captured it perfectly. I know that because this is how my Charlie wakes me up every morning. He goes one further, though, and will climb on my night stand and will bat my glasses around a little bit. I’m blind without them and have a fear that he’ll throw them on the ground and I’ll step on them. Disaster!

    The wonderful thing about cats is that once they train you there is no escaping their grasp. You have captured all the funny (annoying) little details that make your story real. Please keep sharing more of your Mak adventures. You made me smile.


    • Thank you, Chris! This one seems to be a story that anyone who has ever had a cat can relate to. I certainly have plans to feature Mak in some more comics when I get some time – thanks for the encouragement!


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