Doodling a Drawing-a-Day — Little Bird Guy

Last night my hubby and I went to our usual Sunday evening haunt, the Victoria Folk Music Society’s weekly coffeehouse. I like to sit and doodle while I’m there, in a little notebook that I keep especially for whimsical doodles. It helps me listen, much like doodling in all the margins of my school notes when I was a kid did. I often got in trouble for those, until I would recite back to the teachers what they were saying when I did a particular doodle. It was my way of taking notes. One of my junior high history teachers actually took an interest in these margin drawings, because I was drawing what she was talking about, and suggested other kids could do the same!

So whenever I look at these little doodled characters that I did, I’ll be able to hear echoes of the great Celtic sounds of the band playing last night, Jane’s Way. I did several little guys, which I will make into more finished drawings like I did this one. I think he’s a kind of elite librarian or scribe, the Keeper of the Sacred Quill, or some such — at some point, probably after I get them all drawn out and coloured, he and the other doodle characters will take on personalities and positions in life and their stories will start to emerge.

Little Bird Guy — ink, watercolour pencil, digital background

Little Bird Guy — ink, watercolour pencil, digital background

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