Colour the Muse!

Summer Art Challenge Day 36 — making art every day!

I’ve finished the ink stage for Iris’s latest adventure; I’m looking forward to colouring it! It occurred to me that other people might like to colour it too, so here is the ink-line version; feel free to download it and colour it yourself (for personal use only). If you’d like to show it off (I’d love to see it), you can post it on my Facebook Artist Page in the comments where I shared this link — enjoy!

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Iris has a new Enthusiasm. But sweat is not her thing.

Iris has a new Enthusiasm. But sweat is not her thing.

6 responses to “Colour the Muse!

  1. OMG, I wish I had time to color! Can you run another coloring challenge in January? I would love to join in when I’ve got more time. 😃


    • I’ll try to remember – they just happen occasionally when the whim takes me! But you can print this one out and save it, there’s no time limit. However, your reaction make me think that maybe it should be a regular feature…


      • True, I can save for later =-) I do like the idea of a regular colouring feature (added the u there, even tho my ‘puter says I spelled it wrong.. Ha!) I don’t get on the FB too often (almost never) however, you can see how many posts/artwork you get back & see if it’s worth it.
        I also love your comic card dealio. Maybe I can draw a ‘horticultural card’ to trade with you… one of these days… when I’m not exhausted from workin’ for the man… Sigh.


        • I was browsing through some older posts, and guess what! At one point I was going to do a colouring post every Thursday, but I got sidetracked and forgot! So I’ll take a look at what would be a good day to do a regular feature, and start up in the fall, when I get back to my technique of the week posts (summer is too scattered to promise regular features!).

          I’d love to trade cards with you! Just let me know, and we can exchange addresses by private message.


          • Perfect. Fall is when I regain my personal life! You’ve inspired. . (Ok, I will give Iris some credit also!) me to draw. So, I think it’s only fitting for me to trade my first card with you!


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