New Technique Links!

I’ve just made a new menu (look to your left) for tutorial and educational pages I’m making based on some of my classes. So far I have three links you can click; two are on watercolour and one is a category page from back when I was managing to post a tutorial every week. Have a look, and please share!

You may also have noticed, if you are a regular visitor, that I’ve been tinkering with the look and functionality of the website. It’s been fun and pretty interesting — today the main body background was a shocking red for about half an hour before I figured out (by accident) how to fix it! It will keep evolving, I’m sure, and keep an eye on that left sidebar menu — it’s going to keep growing!

This demo was to show lifting paint out of a blended wash (and add some more for shadows) to make clouds, and how to make aerial perspective by making distant things lighter and bluer. I wasn't sure what the landscape was going to be, it sort of evolved as I went along.

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