Spam and the Sasquatch Update

I’ve made a page so you can take a peek at the first bit of Spam and the Sasquatch! All part of the site overhaul I’m doing. When I started this blog I thought I would just write about what I was doing day to day, and maybe link to it from some hypothetical website. But it has turned out to be the website! I’m really enjoying exploring the bells and whistles of WordPress, and I hope I’m creating an easy-to-navigate site here. I’ll continue to tinker and make it better and more functional as I learn more stuff.

In the meantime, do have a look at the new tab; it’s up at the top, in a drop-down menu under “comics”. At present, I only have the small first edition of 150 that I printed as a print-on-demand, and a third of them are already sold without my even trying. Because my local folks have yet to have a shot at it (I’ll be having a little informal launch at my open studio in a couple of weeks) I’ve decided to only mail within Canada for this first batch. However, I’m hoping to be able to go on-press soon (that means actual printing presses and big, big batches). I’ll be running a Kickstarter to help facilitate that. I’d intended to do it by now, but life got in the way and I want to be able to concentrate and give it my full attention when I launch the campaign. So stay tuned for that; I’ll be making a big hoopla when it happens!


Page 2, and Spam is already in hot — er — cold water!


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