Mermaid Saga Resumes

How ’bout that headline, eh? I can think of all kinds of things it could be about if I read it in a newspaper! But since you’re reading it here, it means Mermaid Music, the webcomic, is back in action.

Mermaid Music ch3.7top.jpg

Like the Quadra Cats, Mermaid Music has been dormant for the summer (in fact, I left Sami dreaming the whole time), but now that I’ve gotten my eyesight sorted out (and strewn the house randomly with assorted pairs of reading glasses), I’m back to work on both webcomics.

Which, I might add, is slightly insane, as it means three updates a week, two for Quadra Cats and one for Mermaid Music. Not to mention writing blog posts, social media sharing, and sending out two art emails per month (signup below!). But no-one has ever accused me of being totally sane, so I’m going ahead and resuming simultaneous production in real-time, for all to see, of what will eventually amount to two nice, fat graphic novels. Can I stand the pace? Time will tell.

It’s a bit scary, but it’s also good incentive to get the work done, and I’m happy to be back in my nice quiet studio after such an eventful summer!

Mermaid Music ch3.2.jpg


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