A Quadra Cats Hallowe’en

I’ve been so busy with Inktober, and it’s all been Quadra Cats — inking the comic pages and doing the little drawings of interplanetary felines. So I haven’t had time to do anything special for Hallowe’en — but last month I did a short comic for the local paper which gave the Quadra Cats their start.

The Cats have been having a very active time lately — we’re well into the third book on the webcomic site, and they have a Facebook page which has been gathering fans. They’ve even started having a bit of fan art, which I’m gathering in an album on the Facebook Page. If you’d like to draw the cats, send me a link or post to me on the Facebook page, and I’ll add your art, with attribution and links to your own social media! (Keep in mind that this is an all-ages comic.) And you may wish to follow the cats while you’re there!

Quadra Cats Hallowe'en TONES

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