Dinosaur, Digitally Drawn

Drawing-a-Day number 21 — three weeks!

A toy Triceratops, abandoned in a parking lot, gained a new life on my shelf of animal models. I have a collection of realistic miniature creatures that serve as 3-d models for drawing. When I need a view of a horse or a deer or a rabbit that I can’t find in a picture, I can pick up one of my little friends and turn them around, imagining how their legs would move, or seeing what they look like from above or below. Of course they are not always in the position I need to draw either, but somehow the dimensionality of them helps much more than a picture could.

Today I’ve been drawing in pencil all day, and because they are comic pages, they don’t make much sense to look at until they have ink, colour, and words. Besides, I don’t want to be a spoiler! So I decided to draw my little dinosaur buddy digitally, as I need to practice with my stylus and Wacom drawing tablet. I used a program called Manga Studio, in which I don’t know how to do anything except draw lines (it’s a very powerful and complicated program, and I need to watch some tutorials!). So here’s that toy triceratops, rescued long ago from an ignoble end between car tires and gravel.

Toy Triceratops — digital drawing

Toy Triceratops — digital drawing

8 responses to “Dinosaur, Digitally Drawn

  1. Very kewl. Great idea to have your 3D friends around. And to think this poor guy was abandoned. .. Glad you saved him! Ha!


    • Thanks! I know, I think of some kid having lost this little cutie and wondering forever where it went. He or she would be all grown up by now, and perhaps will see my drawing on the internet and recognize the lost toy!

      I’m thinking of doing a series of drawings of my little models if I run out of other ideas for the drawing-a-day thing; but at the rate I’m accumulating ideas, I may just have to let them all jostle for my attention and randomly pick one!


    • Thanks! It’s not so much masterful with the program as it is just that it’s a lot like regular drawing, in this one tiny corner of the program’s abilities. I have soooooooo much to learn before I can use this thing like it’s supposed to be used!


      • Maybe so, but with a drawing that looks like that, it appears you know what you are doing quite well! I understand that programs have a lot more to them than just doing drawings, but this one looks really fine.


        • Thanks, Charlotte! It’s pretty much like using a pen at this stage, which is pretty easy. But — haha, you’ll laugh — I had to take a screenshot because I haven’t figured out how to make it give me a jpeg or png, or even a pdf yet! Can’t wait to start playing with more of the tools — alas, I have so little time right now.


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