There will be a short delay…

Today was supposed to be my Technique-of-the-Week post, but due to circumstances beyond my control that rendered my house temporarily uninhabitable for the day I wasn’t able to finish my post.  The neighbour in the other suite decided to paint her bathroom with the most toxic paint I have ever smelled — in the winter, no less! We share the central heating system… my hubby and I fled the house. On the up side, we had a lovely lunch out, and cleaned out most of our storage locker, but I lost a day’s work.

So, rather than hurry through my post to get it in before midnight (probably an impossible proposition anyway), I will leave you with a teaser photo and a promise to make you a deliciously colourful post for tomorrow. The subject will be composition, using some of my flower photos for inspiration.

Canna Lilies

4 responses to “There will be a short delay…

    • I was concerned too, but we opened all the doors and windows in the house immediately, which cleared things out, but then it was too cold to stay home! We couldn’t close things and turn the heat on until the paint had dried next door, not until evening. Luckily Mak has fur (lots!), and his very own cat door, so he was able to go wherever he felt most comfortable. Mak says thanks for asking about him.


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