Intrepid Explorers

Drawing-a-Day number 28

Meet Miss Ophelia Bluefeather and Mister Cecil Ravensfield, the latest in my characters-from-doodles series. They are a famous pair of scientist-adventurers, known for their daring exploits on the frontiers of archaeology and natural history. They are also working on a time-travel device.

ink, watercolour, and a bit of white marker and pencil.

ink, watercolour, and a bit of white marker and pencil.

6 responses to “Intrepid Explorers

  1. Oh, I love Miss Ophelia Bluefeather! She looks like she’s having an eye on her partner, being more life-experienced than him. He’s a bit out of worldish, methinks….


    • Well spotted! She’s actually the brains of the outfit, as well as the transportation, but he has his uses, such as the opposable thumbs. He also is the keeper of the timepiece.


      • I could imagine it would either be very difficult or quite easy if you’re just going back / forward to a specific time. It’s when you go all ‘Dr. Who’ that you’d have to watch out for all those paradoxes!


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