The End of the Challenge

It’s the last day of my Drawing-a-Day Challenge! I said I would draw something (and post it) every day for 30 days. The theory was that it would kick-start my discipline (which needed a good kick!), get me inspired to try some new things, and give me something to blog about every day. It has certainly done all that, and has also fuelled my creativity to an extent I couldn’t have imagined.

Many of my posts have been in addition to the graphic novel I have been working on most days, so in reality, I’ve been drawing quite a bit more than the drawings I’ve been posting as my challenge offerings. The pages I’ve been drawing for the novel are not really something I want to show just yet (my pencil roughs are… rough), so I’ve taken a little extra time to do additional drawings. Because this has cut into my working time, I think that I won’t extend the challenge for now, though I may take it up again, between deadlines. Thanks to everyone who has cheered me on in my experiment!

I’ll be continuing to post every day, but not producing new post-able stuff every single day (though I will continue the muse comics and character drawing series). I’ll be delving into my archives, talking about techniques, art materials, and life as an artist. I may even as some of my artist friends to do a guest post, so stay tuned! For now, here is my Drawing-a-Day number 30:

Sven's Airstream


This is a restored 1954 Airstream Flying Cloud that I found on the internet. I’ve always admired these things, and will likely never own one, but they are so beautifully crafted that they make me go “ahhhh” whenever I see one. And they are shiny. So, so shiny. I drew this one to learn how they are put together well enough that I can draw one for the graphic novel, as one of the characters lives in one. The pencil drawing came out so nicely that I decided to post it as my last drawing-a-day. I’m feeling a little smug because I don’t usually draw machinery of any kind!

Here is the link where I found this beauty. Lots and lots of pictures — if you like Airstreams, this will get you daydreaming!

6 responses to “The End of the Challenge

  1. i think you did a great job with this challenge and posting every day is something I can only dream of. I try to post three times a week, and have something “artsy” to show in every blog post. This is taking me to my limits, having a “normal” job.
    Your blog is an wonderful inspiration for me!


    • I did find it a stretch, and I’m glad I did it, but I’m also glad it’s over! I’m going to be nose-to-the-grindstone for the next eight weeks or so, and this was a good warmup. I’m glad you’re finding it inspiring! I’ll be mostly posting older stuff for the next little while, to try and catch up on my project, so I hope it will still inspire.


    • I’m still a tenter, but the tents keep getting bigger — old backs and knees complain about tiny tents that you can’t stand up in! I confess, I was drooling over that airstream the whole time I was drawing it.


  2. old evening Karen

    I have thoroughly enjoyed following you of this 30 day adventure and am sorry to see it is at its end although I am amazed that you can do so many things and excel I all of them.You truly have a wonderful gift..Thanks for allowing me to be part of this..


    Ps. love the Airstream !!!!



    • Thanks, Lani! I’ve enjoyed the adventure too, and it’s not over, just slowing down a bit. I’ll probably still post new things a couple of times a week, but not on any kind of regular schedule. I may do an outdoor challenge in the summertime!

      … and really, I don’t know how I did so many things either — but when I see them all in the blog I’m a bit blown away myself! One day at a time, I guess, which was the point of the exercise!


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