Stalled by the Motorcycle

I’m one page away from finishing the inking part of the graphic novel. One mere page. Merely one page. But my weakness is technology, and I have to draw a motorcycle. I’ve given up on realistic. I will settle for something that looks like it doesn’t belong to Fred Flintstone. So the page will have to wait until tomorrow, when I am fresh enough to tackle the wonders of two wheel machinery. In the meantime, here’s a comic I drew in class as part of an exercise — we all had to draw a motorcycle, in perspective, without looking at any reference. A reference to “drawing toasters” was made at some point during the class, referring to the process of drawing a box around whatever you wanted to draw in perspective, no matter what shape it was. Thus, the uh, minivan. Notice how I cleverly hid having to draw any of the machinery by putting a dinosaur with plump thighs on it! Also, setting it in the far distant past means it doesn’t have to be up to modern standards. In fact, I adapted it for dinosaur morphology!  Alas, the one I have to draw for the current project is both exposed and modern. Can’t fudge it this time!

dinosaur bikersm


4 responses to “Stalled by the Motorcycle

  1. I think everybody will recognize the bike above as a motorbike. It doesn’t have to be realistic, just evoke the idea of a motorbike (I hope I can make myself understood – my English is not good enough for expressing complicated stuff!).


    • Thanks, Ulla — I know what you mean — I’ve been doing the same for the other vehicles in the story, but I don’t have much experience with motorbikes so I’m going to have to look at some, just so I can make it look plausible! (And your English seems perfectly fine to me — much better, in fact, than a lot of people who grew up speaking it!)

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