News Flash!


I just got a two page spread (wasn’t expecting that!) in our neighbourhood community newspaper.  (UPDATE:) I’ve made a page of the e-interview by Shylene Schlackl, mosaic artist extraordinare and community dynamo, because the original link expired; the link above will now take you to that.

I’ve also been asked to consider doing a regular cartoon about our neighbourhood for the paper; still thinking about that one. I think I’ll have to wander down to Quadra Village (our neighbourhood “downtown”) and sit outdoors at one of the cafes, sipping good coffee and observing, soaking up the inspiration along with the caffeine.

(another UPDATE: I did indeed start making cartoons for the paper, called The Quadra Cats, and you can find them here)

Here's me and my little pal Spam in the studio!

Here’s me and my little pal Spam in the studio! (This is the photo they used of me)

9 responses to “News Flash!

  1. Congratulations! Also, might I be allowed to tell you how jealous I am of your setup/deskspace? That is a beautiful drafting table!


    • Thanks, Pam! I love your tumblr, BTW. Everyone tells me that about the table — it is indeed a beautiful table, and I love it. In this picture, my bright new LED lightbox is still on it, which I also love (and which saved me a lot of aggravation trying to fit the pages onto the dim, tiny, old lightbox I had). A lot of people actually set up lights under the table to turn it into one big lightbox! Here’s a link from the store I got it from; I know it’s available elsewhere. The price is in Canadian dollars, and I’m pretty sure it’s imported from the States, so probably cheaper down there.


  2. Congratulations! That is so great to have recognition, whether you choose to do it or not. .. Yeah! 😙


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