A Pumpkin Lady

Last year about this time, I decided that I just had to have something Halloween themed for my Facebook art page’s cover photo — so I made this pumpkin lady. That’s my cat Mak cozying up to her — I had just baked some pumpkin tarts and he thought he wanted some, but I didn’t think that was appropriate fare for kitties. So I drew him a pumpkin friend!

Mak has a girlfriend! — watercolour, pen and ink

Mak has a girlfriend! — watercolour, pen and ink

8 responses to “A Pumpkin Lady

  1. well shes certainly got her own sense of fashion 🙂 and is quite the poser hehe halloweens never really been my cup of tea ( mainly because I get scared when trick or treaters come haha) lovely illustration karen 🙂 I’m guessing you like halloween ? x kate


    • Hi Kate! Yes, I do enjoy Halloween, though i tend to like the sweet side of it more than zombies and vampires. When I was a kid, we made our own decorations and costumes, and baked goodies to hand out to the other kids, so to me it’s always been a very creative holiday. (still do make my own costumes, and I love to bake pumpkin tarts!)


  2. I agree. A very cute picture indeed. Actually, pumpkin in and of itself is great for cats, especially if they need help with poop. Not sure pumpkin tarts would be a good idea, but the pumpkin is.


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