Just Imagine!

A whole year of possibilities ahead!

A whole year of possibilities ahead!

The creative resolutions continue to propagate. In my last post, I mentioned that I would like to do more writing, as opposed to the joint pictures and words I use for visual storytelling. I just was looking at my journal word count (something I don’t usually pay attention to, but Pages displays it at the bottom of the window) and I wrote 48,649 words in my personal journal alone this year. That’s not counting this blog, Facebook, Twitter, emails, or writing comic scripts. I could have written a novel or two by now! On the other hand, I didn’t have to pay attention to plot or character development…


2 responses to “Just Imagine!

    • Hi Jessica, thanks! I have a couple of chapters of a novel going that I’d like to take somewhere (either finish as is or script it for a comic)… a bunch of short story ideas… need to finish the script for the Mermaid comic, too! And I have tons of fantasy drawings that are like snippets from stories — another good place to start.


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