Welcome, Comics Class!

Where will comics lead you?

Where will comics lead you?

Yesterday was the first day of a comics course I am teaching at a local recreation centre. I’ve promised the class that each Friday evening, I’ll post some extra goodies on the subjects we talked about in class, to inspire their work during the next week. My post for today will be a little later (I promise, by midnight!), as I’m still writing, scanning, and gathering links! In the meantime, if you’re from the class, welcome to my blog! Feel free to have a look around (you might like the tabs to your left that have various tutorials) — there’s lots to look at. You’re welcome to follow me if you like (you don’t need to) by e-mail or through WordPress itself; I’ve also got a Bloglovin button. I announce my blog posts on my facebook page, tumblr, and on twitter, as well, if you prefer any of those.

Yesterday’s class was great fun, and I’m really impressed with the enthusiasm and story-telling abilities I saw in our group. We had a comics jam that knocked my sox off! I’m very much looking forward to the journey as folks develop their story ideas into comics, whether one-panel political cartoons, comic strips, or longer short stories.

So stay tuned; in a few hours there’ll be a new post about how to get started with scripting and thumbnails!

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