Comic Arts Festival Time!

A post I made on my “Mermaid Music” site about this coming weekend’s Camosun Comic Arts Festival — I’ll be there, with my comics!

Mermaid Music

For those of you who have been following my other blog, Karen Gillmore Art, you’ll know that I’ve been deeply immersed in preparations for the Camosun Comic Arts Festival, mainly as the coordinator of the Indiegogo fundraiser. It’s now less than a week away, and I’m gearing up to have a table there to display my work. If you are in the Victoria, BC area, do come this Saturday, April 11th, for the afternoon — we’re going to have lots of comics to see, creators to talk to, and things to do. I’ll have comics and art prints for sale, and some originals to look at (including Mermaid Music).

There will also be a keynote panel talk the evening before, with several great local comics artists giving their take on what it’s like to be in the comics business today, and talking about their work.

Hope to see…

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