Kickstarter, last day: “The Shell Game”

“The dragons are revolting and the magic is gone! Being queen is complicated.”

Author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough has been running a Kickstarter for her new fantasy book, The Shell Game, for which I did the cover (below). As I write this, there are only 27 hours to go! The last day is the most exciting, breathless time in any Kickstarter campaign — will it get funded? Will it go into stretch goals? — and so this it the time to get in on supporting this great project. Here’s the link!

There’s a video of the author talking about the book and the changing times of the publishing business — well worth going to the site for the straight skinny through the eyes of a long-time SF/Fantasy writer!

look out, dragon, that ghost cat's got an eye on your beads!

The Shell Game — pen and ink with digital colouring

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