Ask an Elephant!

I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with a lot of my friends lately over the lost art of map-reading. Seems all this GPS usage is eroding the ability to read an old-fashioned map! I have to confess, I like looking at the little moving dot on the Maps app as we go along (someone else driving, of course) but I do prefer looking at the map rather than the GPS function, and being the Voice of Navigation!

While we humans do build up mental maps of places we have been before (except for those who rely entirely on the GPS to go to the grocery store), apparently we don’t hold a candle to the elephant! Elephants range miles a day, over a savanna landscape that is, at best, monotonous, and yet can always pick the closest watering hole when they get thirsty!

Day 7, Inktober, an hour spent happily drawing in my little book on the theme of “lost”:

Inktober 2016 7.jpg

I couldn’t resist putting some meerkats in, but at 3.5 x 5.5 inches, there wasn’t room for a lot of detail. Perhaps they’ll get their own entry in this Inktober project!

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