Root Redwing

I’ve just realized—it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything here about my webcomic, Mermaid Music! The main story is about a young woman who is searching for her brother and ends up taking an unplanned detour to sea, where she begins revising her view of her own past as well as who she really is. The person who is the catalyst for this is her Aunt Root, a rather crusty, pipe-smoking, grammatically-eccentric sailor.

I took quite a liking to Root when I started drawing her part of the story, and when it came time to do a short story for last year’s Kraken Komiks anthology, she stepped up to the part like she had been waiting in the wings all along. I couldn’t publish the story myself until the six-month contract was over, which now it is—so I’m putting the whole thing up on Mermaid Music as a break between chapters. As of this posting, four of the eight pages are up, so it’s not a lot to catch up on. You can start reading Root Redwing and the Thieves of Kettle Bay here, and if you’re new to Mermaid Music  you can start here.

You can always get to Mermaid Music by the “webcomic” button in the top menu; but why not subscribe by e-mail and never miss an update! Currently I’m updating once a week, with very occasional news posts.

rootkraken-f4 crop 1.jpg

Excerpt from page 4 of Root Redwing and the Thieves of Kettle Bay

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