Quadra Cats Colouring Page!

I’m packing for the beach — artists need vacations too, but for some reason we always seem to pack our art supplies — and all week I’ve been ticking off things that need doing before I leave. One of those was composing an issue of my art newsletter ahead of time and scheduling it, which is a bit of an experiment, the first time I’ve tried this with Mail Chimp.


No internet here!

Since I will be away in the land of surf and tents and trees and no internet, I won’t be linking this issue on my other media as I usually do — instead, I’m offering a small incentive, a little digital present, to sign up for my mailing list!, if you haven’t already (this is different than subscribing to this blog by email). In this newsletter issue will be a link to a free colouring page: the hi-rez, complete version of the image below, suitable for printing and colouring traditionally or colouring digitally. Another experiment, as I’d like to be able to offer colouring pages regularly.

QC3 colouring pg crop.jpg

You’ll also get the first sneak peek at the brand new colour cover for the new Quadra Cats book, The Feline Federation, of which this image is the ink-only version. This issue of the newsletter goes out early on Wednesday, August 16, so be sure to sign up before then!

So it’s off to the wild west coast for me — see you in a couple of weeks!

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