Pine Cone, Artichoke, or Pangolin?

Now that I’m back in my nice quiet studio, and caught up on all the things that need catching up on after a trip, I’m starting to make some time for art for art’s sake again. Here’s a little pangolin I did for the Zooly Weekly Art Challenge — if you like drawing animals, you might like to check it out!

pangolin sm

I had never drawn one of these guys before, or even looked closely at one. The overlap pattern of their scales is fascinating! I only had enough time to do a quick sketch, which did not do that pattern justice, but it interested me enough I’ll probably come back for more. I was trying out some different things here: watersoluble graphite pencil, brush pen, watercolour, and gouache on handmade Indian Village tinted paper.

The photo reference for this guy came from this article, about a pangolin who is touring Africa to raise awareness about this endangered animal. It’s worth a read, and worth a look at the beautiful photos.

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