Inktober, Part 2

It’s time to share some more Inktober drawings! At halfway through the month, I’ve been flagging a bit, trying to keep up with all my other drawing work, in addition to “Alien Cat’s Compendium of Galactic Felines”, my Inktober project. A couple of days I’ve had to just claim inking my comics as my Inktober of the day, and one day I was just too busy with life-things to do even a scribble. But I’ve got 7 more drawings in the series for you today. I think I’m having as much fun writing the companion blurbs as I am drawing them!

We join Alien Cat now, as he takes you on a whirlwind tour of the Feline Federation!

Inktober 8

The robot cats of the Independent Space Habitat 536 are self-replicating, though not in the way that biological felines are — they have developed the ability to design any desired type of body, and hire themselves out to the galaxy as a means of financing research for future generations. One of the things they offer is to design employees that reflect a client’s own appearance — thus enabling an individual or company to have a “family” of robots that is instantly recognizable. I took the liberty of ordering a simulation of what my companions from Takeout Planet and I would look like. I’m thinking seriously of ordering the large transport robot for my tourist business! MOLLY likes the mobile walking unit; perhaps I’ll surprise her next Galaxy Day.

Inktober 9

The Moolah Monkeys of the planet Mammon discovered that their lavish consumer lifestyle generated a lot of boxes. Never a species to let a resource go to waste, they cast about for a use for them. When they discovered that felines find anything resembling a box irresistible, they started the first box spa in the Galaxy. The idea has been copied, but the Mammon Box Spa is still the premier spot in the galaxy for felines of all worlds to gather in style, whether for contemplation, play, or meeting new friends. The Moolah Monkeys are fine hosts, providing the finest in food and service. Plan your next vacation there with Alien Cat’s tourism service!

Inktober 10

The Vampire Cats of Tabbysylvania, a foggy, rocky planet circling a red dwarf star, are not to be feared by visitors for their blood-thirsty habits, at least, as they feed only on the plump herds of giant herbivores they maintain for the purpose. Besides, they claim feline blood gives them gas. However, beware their hypnotic gaze — they have a terrible sense of humour and delight in causing the hapless tourist to do things otherwise against one’s normal nature, such as eating vegetables. Their pointy-topped dwellings are constructed by a servant class of small, shambling primates known as Eygors. Do not annoy the Eygors; they are prone to mistake tourists for experimental subjects for their biological research projects. Wear your tourist badge at all times.

Inktober 11

The piratical depredations of the vast fleet of Queen Mousi-Su and her motley band strike terror into the hearts of honest fisher-cats and traders of the water-planet Mrrrit. Their teeth and claws, though tiny, are scimitar-sharp. Strong swimmers for whom the water holds no fear, they may swarm the unlucky ship by climbing up the sides after swimming over under cover of night, or simply leaping onto the neighbouring deck if their ship can maneuver close enough. Chances of encountering this scourge of the seas is slim on one of our tours of the planet, but if captured by these ruffians, be sure you have arranged in advance for someone to ransom you — and never, never mention the words “short”, “fluffy” or “cute”.

Inktober 12

The Phantom Cats of the planet Hideout are not ghosts; they are real, very shy, corporeal cats who have learned to shift their physical presence halfway into the next dimension over when they don’t wish to be seen. Because they leave their personal portal ajar, so to speak, their voices can be heard even when they are hiding. Their planet is a jungle paradise; the trees are a joy to climb, there are soft beds of moss, and it is warm all the time. The Phantoms are good hosts once they get used to you, though prone to startling their guests when they suddenly manifest next to one.

Inktober 13

Indubitably the smallest cats in the Feline Federation, the Qlakx have spread to every habitable world, but are often not noticed by larger inhabitants. Followers of The Way of the Tardigrade, these many-legged felines (how DO they sort out all those legs? And all the grooming! Ugh!) have made adaptability a fine art. After studying with an Ascended Tardigrade, adepts are able to generate the Tardigrade Field to protect themselves in any environment, including space. Communication with macro life-forms is a bit of a challenge, but they managed to apply for Federation membership by infiltrating the station computer and sending messages on Spacebook.

Inktober 14

he Snow Lions of the high mountains on Greebeau 5 think a romp on a glacier is the greatest of fun — and are well equipped for it with their huge, double-furred paws, for which many call them Bigpaws, and their extra-long retractible claws. They love to take visitors on hunting expeditions for the tiny but delectable Ice Dragons and the huge but easily stampeded Gronnix — a trip into a crevasse for a Gronnix feast is an experience not to be forgotten (and so is the climb back out). Their luxuriant coats, the envy of the feline galaxy, have made them experts in grooming, and the spa in the Great Ice Cave will have you purring as they share their skills. Book your visit to Greebeau 5 with us and get a discount on our special patented Snow Claw boots!


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s jaunt through outer space — I will be making this into a little book at some point, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I’ll post the next round in about a week!

And if you’d like to find out more about Alien Cat, his Earth friends, and their adventures in space, check out The Quadra Cats webcomic!

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