The Cats of Yule

That has kind of a nice ring, eh? “The Cats of Yule” — I think it should be a song, or maybe the name for an Irish-style fiddle tune!

I’ve been ferociously busy on other things than blogging for quite a while now, and will write about that soon in my year-end round-up. But for now, I want to offer a couple of seasonal benisons in the spirit of magic and friendship, from the perspective of cats!

Here’s this year’s Solstice Card — I had sketched this a couple of years ago, put it aside and forgotten it. I ran across it as I was sorting old sketches and decided it would be dandy if I inked and coloured it!

Fairy Boop Colour sm.jpgFairy Boop text.jpg

The Quadra Cats, as usual, have something to say about the season too, as Alien Cat brings a Galactic touch to the celebrations:

QUADRA CATS winter 2017 sm.jpg

Best wishes for a warm and cozy season to all of you out there in interwebz-land! Don’t eat too much of those wriggly things!


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