Going Mobile

Since I’m off to TCAF this week I decided it would be fun to blog as I go, even though I’m not taking my computer – I really want to travel light. I found out that there’s an app for mobile devices, so I decided to give it a whirl and see how it worked. This post is by way of being a test.

So far the writing seems very much like working from my laptop, though a bit slower because I can’t feel the keys beneath my fingers, and I keep touching things that make other things happen and then I have to figure out how to get back to where I was. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it with practice. It looks very nice on my screen.

The big question is, of course, can I figure out how to get an image in here! So, let’s try it:


Okay, that was a bit fiddly, just because interacting with a touch screen is different from the way I’m used to, but I think I’m getting this. So now I’d better tell you about this comic! I supported Lucy Bellwood’s Kickstarter campaign to print her 100 Demon Dialogues book, and also got the lovely plushie demon she made. Iris the Art Muse is my own character (who has her own page under “comics” in the menu above) and I thought it would be fun to introduce them.

Now for the fun twist – this is part of my own 100 Day project, which I haven’t mentioned much here (or have I at all?). That’s because I’ve been so busy doing it! I’ll write more soon about that, but I’d like to get this experiment published so I can see if it worked. Until then, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the comic!

2 responses to “Going Mobile

  1. Did you only just get an iPad??
    I hope it’s a 13”Pro with Apple Pencil… oooh, you will have some fun now. I will tell you about stuff I have learned because there’s some fun stuff to do, I rarely use my laptop anymore.

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    • No, not my first; I’ve had an iPad 3 for some years now, and I’ve taken it with me for travel and even camping (in fact I got it for my England trip in 2012). But I hadn’t figured out the mechanics of using it to blog. I also didn’t like drawing with my fingers, and the old style styluses aren’t much better. The new generation iPad seems much easier to use, and I know I’m going to enjoy drawing with it. I don’t think it will ever replace a proper computer for me, but it’s sure nicer for travel.


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