TCAF Bound!

A few days ago, I got an email that set my heart to racing and my feet to jumping up and down in a happy dance — I’ve been accepted to TCAF, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! I was on the waitlist, and had my fingers crossed, but you never know about these things. I’m pleased as punch to be going, if in somewhat of a tizzy (I thought I was going to just kick back and relax until Van Isle Con, did I? Ha!). The last few days has been a whirl of travel arrangements, as the festival is less than 3 weeks away. I’ll be taking along piles of all eight of my comics, including my brand-new Quadra Cats book, The Feline Federation, which is fortunately all printed and ready for releasing upon the unsuspecting world at TCAF.

I’m not going to go on at length about it just now; all this jet-setting prep takes a lot of energy. I’ll be back with more news and art soon — there’s been a lot going on! For now, here’s the synopsis:

When Quadra Village cats Tux, Jazz, and Scatcat blast off into space in the saucer of a friendly Alien Cat with entrepreneurial designs on their planet, they are swept into his wild plans to make Earth the tourist destination spot of the feline galaxy. But there’s one hitch — everything depends on getting them accepted into the Federation of Feline Worlds! The Feline Federation, as the third print volume of the webcomic The Quadra Cats, continues the saga begun in Takeout Planet and Spaced Out. Join our heroes as they discover Gravity, Oneness of Being, and Galactic Bureaucracy.

QC3 cover blue sm

3 responses to “TCAF Bound!

  1. Well, Tux, Jazz, Scatcat and the alien are going to have quite a fabulous new adventure in the big smoke. TCAF will be a busy time! Congrats and have fun!

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