A Midsummer Night’s Comic

Happy Midsummer, folk of the northern hemisphere (and happy Winter Solstice, folk of the southern hemisphere)! Here’s an eight page comic I completed recently, which will soon be published in Kraken Komiks’ fourth anthology, Mystical Creatures. I’ll have a few of them for sale soon. Kraken Komiks is a Victoria BC collective of comics creators, and there are some lovely stories in this anthology.

This comic is based on a song I wrote some years ago; it has some traditional nonsense refrains in between the couplets, which I used here to indicate the fairy music. One of these days I’d like to record it so I could make this a music video! But that’s for later. For now, it’s just in the anthology.

The Green Man (who’s really more of a mystical person than a creature), is a masculine personification of the life force of growing things, dating back to medieval times and even before. He is typically pictured as a face with leaves for hair and beard, sometimes with vines emerging from his mouth, and even nose and ears! I chose the leaves, but I thought it might be a bit difficult for him to communicate if he had a mouth full of vines!

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