Practicing in Procreate: Still More Animals

Yesterday’s post showed some of my first efforts in the iPad app Procreate. As I practiced, I got more confidence, and tried flexing my digital muscles a bit. I’ve got a few more animal drawings to wrap up this very zoological series I’ve been doing over the past week and a bit, all of them in Procreate. Again, all of these are for prompts from the Zooly Weekly Art Challenge group on Facebook. If you like to draw animals, give it a try!

I had put off doing the Ocelot prompt for a while because I was intimidated by all those spots. Even just doing the head was a little daunting! But I was sitting my table at Tsukinocon, and things were a bit slow, and I got bored, and… art happened. I was mostly just having fun with the brushes (including the pattern brush that I used for the somewhat tasteless background). I still have so much to learn about the brushes and what can be done with them!
A very stylized Day Gecko. Still kind of struggling with finding a balance between just enough and too much visual information in this alternate, simplified style I am trying to achieve, as well as a balance between soft and hard edges. I did find that all those dots were very meditative!
I spotted a Pesquet’s Parrot on somebody’s Facebook post, and knew I had to draw one. Is this guy not just the most suave looking bird you’ve ever seen? Fortunately, I’m the one who picks the prompts in Zooly, so I slipped him into the lineup. This drawing was complicated enough to give my brain a real workout with the layers and trying out different brushes. I love that leaf brush; instant forest!
The Black and White Lemur looks like it is dressed in a fancy harlequin suit. I collected dozens of images from a Google search, and used three of them as the reference for this pose. I’m getting closer to the clean-lined, flat, illustrative look I’m searching for, here, with just enough softness in the background to give it some depth.
I’m convinced that Saiga Antelopes must have been dropped off by aliens. They are so very odd-looking. But sweet and kind of endearing looking too. I was starting to get very daring with my brushes, and tried out a bunch of new effects here. Also got very confused on my layers a couple of times.

That’s it for the Earth-Week-and-Beyond animal drawing series! I hope you enjoyed them, and I’ll be back sometime soon with a post about how things are going with The Quadra Cats webcomic.

8 responses to “Practicing in Procreate: Still More Animals

  1. Amazing 😍😍👌🏼.. love your way of drawing .. the drawings are neat & colorful can you please do some tutorials in how to draw these ? Or if you have the time-lapse recording of your drawing process, can you please upload them, I would love to see them 😍👌🏼


    • Hi there, Aseel Art, and thank you! I did link one time-lapse in the previous post, for the polar bear. I’m not totally happy about the way they come out on you-tube, but don’t know what to do about it, I’m kind of a noob with video stuff. For what it’s worth, here’s that one: and a time-lapse for the lemur:

      Do you use Procreate? I highly recommend the tutorials by Bardot Brushes on you-tube, as well as those by Ghost Paper.

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      • Yea I always use Procreate, love it 😍 .. thank for the time-lapse video 🙏 .. I’ll check the brushed & Ghost Paper account .. Thank you 👍🏼


        • I’m still pretty new at Procreate — looking forward to checking out your work!

          Thanks — I’m pretty much drawing the way I always do on paper (though it sure is nice to be able to erase so easily, haha!) but the painting on layers part is sure a revelation!

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            • I find some things easier and some things harder; I’ve been using Photoshop for some years now, but Procreate is so beautifully intuitive, it’s helped me understand some things that I didn’t understand before about Photoshop! I love the compactness of everything being on one small device with one “pencil” instead of having to lug a whole art studio around.

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            • Very true .. in addition to all what you have said is the interface is not complicated & it so easy to use .. not like other apps.
              I’ve never actually used photoshop before, but I can say its way more better 😁


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