Exploring the Eelgrass Meadow

Look what arrived yesterday! A whole box of the latest book I illustrated in partnership with author Gloria Snively, published by Heritage House! I’m so excited — the printing is beautiful, I really feel like they did justice to my paintings and drawings. And they smell good… ah, the sweet smell of fresh ink! I’ve also included some pictures of the other books. All are available for order on the Heritage House website.

Heres a few quick looks inside:

The Humpback whale chapter: I have loved drawing and painting these guys for years, but never did one of them bubble-net feeding before. That was a challenge — all those tiny jumping herring!
Hungry sea lions! I had great fun with these. And those herring — so many scales!
Baby Great Blue Herons. You can really tell their dinosaurs, right?
This drawing contains the entire cast of little eelgrass critters, though there were lots of mammals, and… oh, I forgot to take a picture of a page with humans! I got to draw lots of humans too! My mom always says I should take more pictures of people when I’m on vacation. Soooo… I went and took one:
Here’s young Sam wrestling with a large crab which will soon be dinner, while his sister Crystal looks on in the background. They were actually supposed to be clamming, but… kids.
There are lots of drawings of the creatures that live in the eelgrass, with extra explanations about them.

Almost every page has at least one illustration — for me, these coloured-pencil drawings were the most taxing to do, because they require lots of searching through reference to find enough detail to draw an accurate representative specimen of each type, and most times I had to use a handful of photos to create a whole creature. This is where all those photos I have been taking at aquariums and the seashore really come in handy! I also had to do that for the paintings (as well as finding backgrounds), but composing a painting is just more… well, fun!

I didn’t really get that pillow to match the back of the book. Really.

And that’s it for the look through the new book. You can order it from the link in the first paragraph if you’d like to see more! Here are some reminders of the previous books, which are still available at the same site.

Here’s the collection to date! There is a new edition of High Tide, Low Tide from Heritage House; the one shown here is the first one, published by Gloria’s imprint, Kingfisher Press
The original edition of High Tide, Low Tide, has hours and hours of colouring goodness, as well as lots of information about the seashore and tidepools. I added 10 new pictures for the recently published new edition (which has nifty perforated pages so you can hang them up after you colour them!) and you can order them here.
Inside High Tide Low Tide. Each spread shows the seashore creatures at high tide and low tide, and there is a colour painting on the inside covers to use as a colour key (or you can just colour them psychedelic rainbows, I don’t care!)

I’m super excited to have the addition of this book to Gloria’s and my growing collection! (Oh wait, did I say that already?) You can see some of the other illustrations from the previous books here, and three more from the colouring book here.

Next up, we’re working on a book about orcas!

7 responses to “Exploring the Eelgrass Meadow

  1. Hi Karen,

    Congrats on your new book, you’re amazing and your work is tooo!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, may it be brighter than the last.

    Cheers, Joan Ho Ho Ho :^o


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