Sid, Me, and the Bard

It’s about time I posted another comic — here’s a very silly one-page thing that I did for a class assignment last year. In our character design class, we had all made little maquettes that were caricatures of ourselves. Let me tell you, self-portraiture is painful enough, but then to have to draw a caricature — I am not made of such stern stuff! The actual construction of the thing was pretty easy, but it took me a long time until I got a little bust that I thought I could live with and not stick away in the closet somewhere. In a way, it was exercise in exorcising vanity. Goodbye, dignity.

Then we had to make a comic using our maquette with one of our classmates, and have them interact in some way. This was to be heads only, because we were using busts — no putting in hands to help with the expression! That is hard. Even if you don’t like to draw hands (and I do), they are still one of the best ways after the facial expression of conveying emotion. However, I decided I could do that.

But then… then I had to think of something for them to say to each other. When in doubt, turn to Shakespeare. The Bard has great quotes and with the deadline looming, I feverishly searched the internet for some that could be thrown together and make some kind of sense, at least if you are in some kind of altered state of consciousness. This is the silliness that resulted:

Sid, Me, and The Bard — ink and watercolour

Sid, Me, and The Bard — ink and watercolour

And here is the little maquette from which I drew this mad, mad me.

Mad, Mad Mini-Me

Mad, Mad Mini-Me

8 responses to “Sid, Me, and the Bard

  1. That is a hellava class exercise. Wow! Honestly, the lil mini me is kinda creepy. .. But I think that of all dolls. 😉


  2. I like it. I’ve thought about doing the same for a character I created, not myself. Though, creating comics is new to me, I’m not made of the stern stuff to caricature myself either. You do a great job.


    • Thanks! As to the stern stuff… this was the one project all year that caused me the most distress, although it was the easiest to do, physically. Even the soul-searching creative writing stuff didn’t freak me out as much. But when there’s a grade involved… however, it did get me over being precious about my dignity in self-portrayals!

      Love your work, by the way — both the art and the writing!


      • I don’t like creating images of myself either. I once had to do a self-portrait in which it didn’t have to be me and did portraits of three generations of women before me in my family. Anything to get out of doing myself. Though, it’s gonna be interesting to incorporate me into my comic stuff, which is a learning curve since I’m trying something new.

        Glad you like my blog and thanks for visiting. 🙂


        • What a wonderfully creative solution to the self-portrait dilemma — as well as a thoughtful statement about being the sum of those who went before! I’m looking forward to what you do with yourself in your comic. Remember, because it’s a comic, we can be a little more, um, uh… liberal with our interpretations of ourselves!


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