White Wolf Woes

Drawing-a-Day 24

You know how some days, no matter what you do, you just can’t do your best? That’s how I’m feeling today. This should have been an easy little drawing. My intent was to do a delicate pen and ink drawing with a splash of watercolour for the background. But it didn’t work out that way (and I forgot to scan the ink drawing!). As soon as I added any colour, it overpowered the ink lines. So I tried darkening the background. That made the grass in the front, which I had coloured in several different, blended greens, look garish. So I got out the ink brush and started turning them into silhouettes. That made the wolf look weak, so I gave him an outline. Then the sky needed more colour.

And so on and so forth, and it looks nothing like I intended. However, I’m too tired, and it’s too late, to make another drawing for my challenge. I’ve been challenged enough for one day! So I’m posting it anyway, as evidence that sometimes things just don’t turn out as planned, despite skills and the best intentions. It’s much more cartoony than my original vision, but maybe it’s just because I’ve been drawing comics so much lately. I may even get to like it, once I put it away for a while.

The wolf itself is from a rather fuzzy, long-distance photo I took at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle many years ago. They have a large, wooded habitat to run around in, but I decided to put this fellow on a hilltop, just because… because.

White Wolf — watercolour and ink

White Wolf — watercolour and ink

The photo.

white wolf photo

10 responses to “White Wolf Woes

    • Aw, thanks. It wasn’t so much the final outcome as the struggle it took to get there. I’ve been spoiled lately because I’ve been drawing sooooo much that I’ve been having a much better success rate in accomplishing what I meant to do!


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