Who is Iris?

Iris and I are seriously thinking about putting together a little min-comic for the comic conventions coming up. We decided she needed an introduction.

I’ve known Iris ever since I can remember. She guided my pudgy little hands with their first crayons, as I discovered the wonders of making lines and colours appear on a page. She continually pushed me to look at things more closely to see how they were made, or how shadows fell, or what colours really were. She nudged me to draw the things that interested me; horses, dinosaurs, dogs, cats, little stories about people and creatures, the natural world around me. I know she gets exasperated when I’m lazy, but she’s a pretty good motivator, too. I hope I’m living up to her expectations!

Iris the Art Muse — Ink cartridge brush, Prismacolor Markers, Photoshop lettering

Iris the Art Muse — Ink cartridge brush, Prismacolor Markers, Photoshop lettering

In case you can’t read that lettering, here’s what it says (I am still working on getting the hang of text and objects in Photoshop!) I’m sure there will be more to write about her as we develop the zine idea, but for now, consider yourself formally introduced to my muse:

Name: Iris
Occupation: Art Muse
Education: Muse U.
Artist Relationship: “It’s complicated”
Favourite Food: Dark Chocolate
Favourite Quote: “Get to Work!”
Favourite Hangouts: Drawing Tables, Easels, and Art Supply Stores

10 responses to “Who is Iris?

      • I did not paint yet and I feel unsettled…like there is something I absolutely have to do and have not done it! Is it possible this is my muse and her disappointment is thick in the air…? Is it true that if you deny her you can can feel her anguish? I’ve got a lot to learn…and this just might explain this feeling that I have had before!! Blessitude!


    • I’m glad I make you laugh! I’ve only lately started getting into humour, and I like doing it. I don’t want to make you feel guilty though — just listen for your muse and give her me space to speak. Sometimes muses are shy and not bossy enough (unlike Iris, as you can no doubt tell!)


      • What a great explanation! I have too many inner me having to do too many other things, no wonder why my inner muse if feeling intimidated. If you need inspiration to make others laugh, feel free to look around my blog, I have always way too many embarrassing stories to tell.


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