An Interim Report — Spam and the Sasquatch

I’ve been industriously inserting dialogue balloons and caption boxes into Spam and the Sasquatch for the last few days, using InDesign. It’s actually kind of fun, but taking much longer than I expected, which will delay the release of the book, much to my disappointment. But I’m learning a lot about how much time each aspect takes. In general, I’m feeling pretty sunny about it, with a few passing shadows. In recognition of that, here’s Spammy himself, with a couple of shadows (what is happening here?):

F clean S&S colour 53


Tomorrow I’m off to VanCAF, the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival. I’ll report when I get back!

4 responses to “An Interim Report — Spam and the Sasquatch

    • Well, they do different things. I’m a bit behind on learning to use Illustrator because it wasn’t covered in my school studies — we only did Photoshop and InDesign. And as I was already familiar with layout programs, InDesign was pretty easy for me to get at least entry-level proficiency. Illustrator, however, is useful if you want to do a lot of alterations to the fonts; I was just reading something this morning that made me resolve to catch up on my Illustrator skills!

      You know, I didn’t even think of the acetate option; that would be interesting to try. Usually I plan the balloons as part of the drawing, but lettering makes my wrist kind of sore if I do a lot of it (though I kind of enjoy it), so for this longer work I decided to use the computer. I learned a lot while I was doing it, so that’s all good too!


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