Canada Day Muse

Summer Drawing Challenge Day 9

Happy Canada Day! Tonight Iris, Mak, Ron, and I watched the fireworks from the studio window! Our house is on a hillside, with a straight view down to Victoria’s Inner Harbour, where the fireworks are set off. Not so noisy as being down in the thick of things, and no traffic to fight getting home!

Canada Day muse

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And just for fun, here are some photos I took last year from the balcony of the artists’ cooperative I belong to, Xchanges. It’s a little closer to downtown, and it’s where we have been watching the fireworks for the last few years. But tonight my band had an outdoor gig, and I was just as happy not to go out again. And besides β€” this way Mak got to join us!

IMG_4351 IMG_4353 IMG_4357 IMG_4358 IMG_4364 IMG_4366 IMG_4372 IMG_4376 IMG_4377 IMG_4379 IMG_4383 IMG_4395

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