A Dragonfly Fairy

I love watching dragonflies. Shimmering in the heat of a summer day, shiny as the lake they swoop over in their zig-zag search for tasty prey, their slim bodies gleam like living jewels.

Since I’ve been doing a few fairies again recently, I have been thinking that I should brush up on my insect-wing drawing skills. It’s been many years since I did an intensive drawing study of butterfly wings (back when I used to draw lots of fairies), and I’m pretty rusty. I don’t like faking it badly when, with a bit of research and practice, I can fake it really well! I was going to start with some nice, simple butterfly wings, but I found some beautiful close-up photos of dragonflies, and got a bit distracted… I think tomorrow’s drawing project will be to do some colouring. I had a lot of fun translating a dragonfly’s body markings into her gown — fashion designers could learn a lot from studying insects!

Dragonfly Fairy — Micron Pigma pens and graphite pencil.

Dragonfly Fairy — Micron Pigma pens and graphite pencil.

4 responses to “A Dragonfly Fairy

    • Thanks, Mathew! I’ll have to draw a few more before I’m really comfortable with the structure, but they were sure fun to do. I love drawing things that really make me have to look.

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  1. I think to be a good artist, a distracted mind is required. This means you’re observant. Great fairy!


    • Thanks, Ilex! Yes, it’s a good sign when something distracts me enough to lure me away from the thing I thought I wanted to draw, and says, “draw me, right now”!


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