The Muse gets her Wish; a reprise

Summer Art Challenge Day 20/21 — making art every day!

My studio is topsy turvy. I’ve been moving around furniture, having recently had my dear old treadle sewing machine returned to me after it spent a couple of years visiting a friend. This set off a rubik’s-cube like cascade of moving furniture around in both the bedroom and the studio to accommodate it. Having no free horizontal space, I decided to practice my computer painting skills, which are still rather rudimentary but gradually becoming serviceable — at this point I’d say they’re about on the level of my carpentry skills (I can build bookshelves that don’t fall over). I’ve been wanting to see if I could approximate my watercolour style in Photoshop without using any special brushes or effects, just the round default brush. Here is the result, ta-da! — two evenings’ work colouring the comic that I posted in pen and ink previously, which would have taken me about an hour and a half in watercolour — who ever said computer colouring is faster?!? Anyway, Iris the Art Muse got her wish to get out of the greyscale, at least for a bit.

muse in the garden colourP.S. — I’ve renamed my summer challenge an “art” rather than “drawing” challenge, because I’m doing all kinds of techniques — I may even add some sculpture! The goal is to simply make art every day.

For more Iris the Art Muse comics, click her tab in the menu bar at the top.


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