Garden Muse

Summer Drawing Challenge Day 11

I have been travelling a lot in the last couple of months; first to TCAF in Toronto, then VanCAF in Vancouver, then to A-KON in Dallas. I was also working intensively on Spam and the Sasquatch really intensively in between the trips. Although I had put everything in the ground at the proper times, I’m afraid my poor garden missed my loving touch afterwards. While my veggies languished, the wild weeds had a party! I’ve been doing some damage control, with Iris supervising (this is her first appearance in sunglasses!) and things are looking better, but I’m very glad I don’t have to live on what I’m growing.

Tonight’s Muse comic is a little different style than usual; I got as far as the inking and then wasn’t sure where I wanted to take it from there, whether to colour it with markers or watercolour, or just do a lot more ink detailing. So I’m presenting it as it is — and if you like, you can download it and colour it yourself (for personal use only, of course)! Perhaps tomorrow I’ll colour it, perhaps not — every day’s a new adventure!

For more Iris the Art Muse comics, click her tab in the menu bar at the top.

muse in the garden

8 responses to “Garden Muse

  1. I would let you borrow my gardening muse, however there is a back-up in the Muse distribution center and mine hasn’t arrived yet. Maybe Iris can put in a good word… Wait! Shouldn’t ‘IRIS’ maybe have a bit of gardening experience? Maybe a past muse of a gardener? Hmmmm! 🌺

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