Top Hat Dog

Summer Art Challenge Day 39-40 — making art (of some kind) every day!

Meet Mr. Phineas Wintergreen-Smythe III! He’s based on one of the sketch cards I did last week, and joins my growing cast of characters for my steampunk/time travel story (that is when I finally write a story — all I’ve got so far is inklings). He looks a bit grumpy; perhaps someone has stood him up, or perhaps he’s even not the nicest of dogs. We’ll have to see where he fits in.

Mr. Phineas Wintergreen-Smythe III — Pigma Micron pen, watercolour, markers.

Mr. Phineas Wintergreen-Smythe III — Pigma Micron pen, watercolour, markers.

Yesterday’s contribution to my art challenge was not a drawing, but musical; I’m finding that some days I just can’t do both. Last night was band rehearsal night, feeding the music muse. The two muses both need my time, and it seems I’m having to ration it out to them! But there were other important events yesterday in the comics department: I took possession of three boxes of my graphic novel, Spam and the Sasquatch! They look lovely, and in plenty of time for Yukomicon. I’m planning a launch later in August, including an online event, so stay tuned! The other exciting thing is that Iris the Art Muse is finally getting her own comic — I worked for a large part of the day yesterday finalizing the layout, and will be taking the file in for a small prototype run tomorrow. If all goes well, I’ll have a total of three different books to sell at Yukomicon — Spam and the Sasquatch, Muse, and Telling Tales, my first comic.

Finally, I’d like to call your attention to an art blog written by a friend of a friend — Michael J. Kloepfer has written an article about making art in public that I think any of you who are artists might like to read. He touches on introversion vs. extroversion in the arts, and how sometimes both behaviours are needed, which is something that I find very interesting. Like me, he is both a visual artist and a musician, and his observation of the roles one must take on in different situations is very astute. So now that you’ve finished reading my blog, head on over to his article about making art in public — and take a look around his site while you’re there!

2 responses to “Top Hat Dog

  1. He is waiting for his blind date. But she didn’t show up because she walked by and saw that he wasn’t as he described himself. He is so disappointed. But he is soon to discover that love has been nearby all the time.


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