FATHER CHRISTMAS, Spam the Cat’s First Christmas serialized through Dec. 24

My friend and the writer half of the Spam and the Sasquatch team, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, is serializing an earlier Spam book on her WordPress blog! Head on over there and get your Spam the Cat fix for the holidays! And she has copies of the books available too, on Amazon. Buying one is towards a good cause, too, as the author explains.



Dear Readers,

Happy Holidays! Over the next two and a half weeks, culminating on Dec. 24, I will be serializing FATHER CHRISTMAS, Spam the Cat’s First Christmas,  for your entertainment. If you like humor, cats and oddball takes on the holidays, I think you’ll enjoy it. It is on sale for $2.99 as an e-book or 9.99 as a paper book.

At the bottom of this note is the link to the book on Amazon but you need not buy it if you want to read it all here. I loved writing this and I want to give more people and their cats a chance to love reading it. All proceeds from purchase go to the Humane Society of Jefferson, Co. WA, where I found K.B. Dundee. Elizabeth Ann Scarborough (with K.B. Dundee)


Father Christmas

Spam the Cat’s

First Christmas


Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

with  K.B. Dundee

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