A Serene Solstice

Serene Solstice

A little collage I did some time ago, and just re-fitted as a Solstice e-card. You may share this if you like, just please leave the image intact.

It’s already gone midnight, here on the west coast of Canada, and I know the actual astronomical moment of Solstice was around nine hours ago, but the sentiment is the same. It’s a day to think of the time passing, and how things turn with the seasons.

Up here in the northlands, it’s been getting dark; seems like it’a always night-time! I know it’s going to take a while, but my spirits are always lifted by the thought that it’s going to start getting lighter, even if it’s going to get colder. For those of you south of the equator, it’s Summer Solstice, and the longest days; but the wish is the same (I’ll imagine you southern-hemisphere types on a nice sunny beach being serenely suntanned).

In a few days, it will be Christmas, then New Year’s, and Hanukkah’s already in progress; many other holidays cluster around this time of year, some religious, some not. Whatever ones you celebrate, I wish you the very best for this season of love, peace, and renewal!

This past evening, my band The RabbleBerries played at our local folk club, and we sang a song I wrote many years ago (1996, to be precise), called appropriately if not imaginatively, Solstice Song. It will be on our upcoming new album, and available for listening on the website.


The world, the world is turning, turning on the hinge of the sun
The year, the year is turning, soon the longest night will be done.

World, Sun, Moon, Stars, dancing in the circles of Night
Wind, Tide, Trees, Stone, singing in the cycles of Light

The wind, the wind is turning, turning on the hinge of the storm,
The snow, the snow, is turning, whispering you soon will be warm
The rain, the rain is turning, turning on the hinge of a cloud,
The sun, the sun is turning, soon you will be singing out loud


The tide, the tide is turning, turning on the hinge of the sea,
The moon, the moon is turning, promising whatever will be
The tree, the tree is turning, turning on the hinge of the leaves,
The stone, the stone is turning, following the Earth as she weaves


The past, the past is turning, turning on the hinge of the now
My mind, my mind is turning, Soon I’ll be remembering how.

© 1996 Karen Gillmore

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