Thickening the (Webcomic) Plot

Sami may be getting somewhere in her quest!

Sami may be getting somewhere in her quest!

I’ve just posted page 10 of Mermaid Music, my webcomic-that-will-someday-be-a-graphic-novel. I’m starting to feel in the swing of things now, and despite a very busy (hectic, frantic, frenetic, frenzied, feverish, manic, fast and furious, lively, brisk, bustling, buzzing) month, I’ve kept up with my self-imposed schedule, to have a new page every Monday, at 6 a.m. Pacific Time. No, I don’t get up that early, it’s the miracle of Advance Post Scheduling!

To give you an idea why I needed the Thesaurus: this past month I’ve completed an album cover and a map illustration, set up an indiegogo campaign for the Camosun Comic Art Festival (CCAF), made an illustration to donate to the indiegogo campaign, set up a Facebook page for CCAF, sponsored and promoted a small concert, finished up the comics class and started a perspective class, and had two sets of houseguests. I’m amazed I’m still standing. Actually, I’m sitting right now. With my feet up. In my pyjamas.

But!—with Spring sending the sap rising, the bees buzzing, and the grass needing mowing last week, I think I’m ready to step up the pace to two a week. My plan—*looks skyward for celestial laughter*—is to get the first chapter in print in time for VanCAF, where I’ll have a table. This will be no small feat, as I still have 26 pages to go, and a cover to design, and all the layout to do. Still, what’s life if you don’t take on some challenges?

So, next week, my eeeevil plot is to have the comic come out a bit thicker on the calendar. (I know, that was a real stretch to tie up the post title, wasn’t it?) To see the rest of the comic, or catch up on the story from the beginning, go look at Mermaid Music!



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