Takeout Planet!

I’ve been working like mad on the new book of the Quadra Cats stories. It’s based on the single-page episodes, but with much, much more added to link them together into a cohesive story. It’s the first book I’ve done exclusively in black-and-white (except for the cover), and I’m really excited about the 24 pages of pen-and-ink goodness! I’ll preview a couple of those pages soon.

The book is done, and ready to send off to the printer, which I’ll be doing in a few minutes — but first, here’s the cover! The name refers to Alien Cat’s obsession with takeout, which after all this hard work, sounds like a delightful thing to do for dinner!

Takeout  Planet Cover

The Quadra Cats are all assembled for some interplanetary cultural puzzlements — but they all love takeout!

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