Quadra Cats Book!

I’ve been working on a mini-comicbook of the Quadra Cats cartoons! I’ve got the script done, which will tie together most of the existing cartoons into a continuous story. Because they were written as one-off stories, often with a seasonal theme, this took a bit of juggling — there will be a good bit of additional material to draw to fill in the gaps.

I’m excited about this project all out of proportion to the size of this little book — I have already two follow-up scenarios that will easily make two more books, and I’m thinking about giving them their own webcomic site (yes, I’m nuts)!

I would like to thank my friend Kay, who has been very generous with her superb advice on pulling this script together. Go take a look at her webcomic, Specs!

I’ll announce the book when I have it ready; in the meantime, here’s the latest Quadra Cats cartoon:

Quadra Cats civilization

A little dignity goes a long way. Especially if it doesn’t involve water.

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